THE CIVIL WAR IS ALREADY HERE (now they’re using the courts) with Stephen Gardner – #700

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Savage and Stephen Gardner expose the Left in their plot to erode America’s borders, language, and culture. Savage quotes Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” He shares examples of the Left’s “absurdities” leading to “atrocities”: defunding police, open borders, gender ideology, critical race theory, etc. They discuss how corporate greed and the Left are working to decimate our borders and bring down our civilization. Learn why Letitia James’ prosecution of Trump is a political persecution. Savage explains why the Civil War is already here as the left is waging an insurgency to destroy America from within, without firing shots. Savage debunks the idea of “democratic socialism” and explains how Bernie Sanders played a role in shaping Biden’s economic policies and federal budget. They discuss Trotskyism and the violent Bolshevik Revolution. It’s time for people to wake people up to the underlying agenda and threats we face!

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