The Smoking Gun: The Mayorkas Memo Telling Border Patrol to Stop Doing Its Job

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It’s been obvious for three years that President Biden has no intention of securing our borders and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is still the one implementing Biden’s surrender on national security. And now we have the smoking gun proving Mayorkas ordered the border patrol to stop doing its job.

Today, Sara welcomes retired U.S. Customs and Border Protection Joel Maldonado. Maldonado left CBP because he could not continue on the job in good conscience while border agents were told to stop securing the border and focus entirely on processing illegal immigrants, changing baby diapers, and doing other tasks that enable an invasion instead of stopping it.

Together, they dissect a 2021 memo from Sec. Mayorkas, which effectively ordered border patrol to stand down and facilitate the tsunami of illegal immigration. It could not be any clearer.

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Time stamps:
0:05 Can we fix Border Patrol?
4:22 Joel Maldonado joins the Sara Carter Show
6:10 Joel’s take on the memorandum
11:59 He’s creating a dangerous atmosphere
16:18 The homeowner determines who can come in
19:25 Is this Biden’s policy?
21:33 Border Patrol Morale
26:40 Deportation exemptions
27:16 Mayorkas is a foot soldier of the left
31:48 Claiming credible fear
38:50 Public charges must be deported
41:01 Are agents being trained correctly?
47:40 Show Close



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