The War on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

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Dennis and Julie start with chivalry.  Dennis’ mentions his meticulous texts… what does bad grammar say about you?  Julie wonders why men try to look like pimps on dating sites.  Is sophistication shunned in today’s society… classy, traditional, and mature have been replaced with cool and casual.  Julie asks Dennis if there is anything about younger generations that he thinks they are doing well.  Dennis believes the baby boomer generation brought in the decline of the United States… the greatest generation didn’t pass on the things that made them great.  They discuss: the rape of language; eloquence; holding an elevated response; and setting a good example.  They debate the consequences of freedom of speech.  Why are the “woke-est” countries the freest?  Social norms have been derided… where is all of this headed… is it worse now than it ever was?

Music: Straight to the Point c 2022
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