Trump Anti-Semitism Expert: Where are the Feminists When It Comes To Defending The Women of Israel?

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Sara is in Israel and she wants you to know why she is there and what she plans to share from the Holy Land.

Throughout this week, Sara will visit the sites of unspeakable Hamas attacks against kibbutzes in October that left more than 1,400 Israelis dead, many others injured, hundreds taken as hostages, and still more forever scarred by brutal rape, sexual assault, and the vicious murders of family and friends.

Sara is joined today and on the trip by Ellie Cohanim, who led anti-Semitism efforts at the State Department during the Trump administration. As many on the political left celebrated International Women’s Day last week, Sara and Ellie wonder where all the feminist voices suddenly went when Israeli women and girls were brutalized. Why did it take the United Nations months to confirm what we all saw Hamas terrorists posting to social media as the rapes and killings were carried out?

They also expose the Biden administration’s brazen betrayal of allies in the Middle East, from Israel to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE. At the same time, they consider why Biden is persistent in rekindling relations with Iran, despite Iran supporting and supplying Hamas and Iranian proxies repeatedly targeting and even killing American forces in the region.

Finally, they dissect the horrifying rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S. What is the root of this hatred and how do we fight it effectively? And they dig into the critical distinction between
Islam and Islamism – the peaceful adherents to Islam and those who exploit religion to terrorize and dominate others.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 This is the most consequential time in Israel’s history
5:29 Why I am in Israel
10:15 Ellie Cohanim joins the Sara Carter Show
12:31 Feminists have gone silent…
19:23 We cannot negotiate with this
23:03 What is Iran’s next move?
26:30 Does Biden believe in Israel?
28:34 The hatred of Jews is on the rise
31:39 I’ve seen the hatred
35:45 Islam vs. Islamist
44:34 Can Netanyahu get it done?
47:05 What will our trip accomplish?
51:05 Will we get the hostages back?
51:52 How far can this go?
55:14 Show Close

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