Trump Border Chief: Horrifying to Know the Government Could Have Prevented Laken Riley’s Murder but Didn’t

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It’s hard enough to hear about how our government allows millions of people to pour across our borders illegally. It’s far more painful when the failed policies lead to a heinous murder in your town, on your campus, or even in your family.

The parents of Laken Riley are living their worst possible nightmare because federal officials allowed her killer to go free after he came here illegally and then set him free again after abusing a child in New York City.

Enough! So much damage is already done because of our porous borders, but if we don’t change course, the toll may be unfathomable.

Today, Sara welcomes Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Morgan will explain why Riley’s murder was facilitated by horrible policies that prioritize criminals over citizens and why there may be legal recourse against the federal government.

Sara and Morgan also discuss the staggering amount of deliberate border dereliction perpetrated by the Biden administration, why the House border bill was an ideal remedy for the crisis, and why the Senate plan falls far short despite all the glowing reviews from the media.

Finally, they discuss their involvement in Border 911, a group of experts committed to restoring America’s national security with a border plan that will work.

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Time stamps:
0:05 This feels like a nightmare
10:30 A student killed in Georgia
11:27 This is Biden’s open border
16:16 Unknown gotta ways
18:31 This is all preventable
21:35 Border 911
25:39 Mayorkas is not invited
29:20 Lankford border bill
32:29 NGOs are a huge part of the problem
35:40 This was on purpose
38:48 Mar-a-Lago event
44:21 Show Close




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