We’re All Tired of War, But Our Troops Still Protect Us Every Day

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Sara spends the day reflecting on the murders of three American soldiers killed in a drone attack by an Iranian-backed militia. Dozens more were injured.

Sara made many trips to the war zone in Afghanistan. She’s been there when enemy rockets hit the camp and service members were killed or maimed. She’s seen battle-hardened troops face the pain of losing their brothers. And she knows exactly what it’s like to get a phone call and find out the person you love most in this world is severely wounded. For others, it’s a call to bring the worst possible news.

Today, Sara shares her experiences in Afghanistan and beyond in vivid detail. She’ll explain what it’s like for our troops to be so far from home for months on end and how they focus on their mission regardless of what the public thinks of the war.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 We have been at war forever
3:20 A moment of remembrance
10:56 Afghanistan 2008
16:07 Pre-war training
18:35 Rocket City
22:06 Missiles hitting my base
24:58 Is the press failing?
27:52 Frustrated in Afghanistan
31:28 We are at war, like it or not
35:58 Show close



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