‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’: Talking New Hampshire Secession with Carla Gericke and Matthew Santonastaso

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States seceding from the United States is an idea that is growing in popularity.

A groundbreaking study from the University of Virginia’s Project Home Fire has unveiled the truth about current American political sentiment: a substantial portion of Americans, cutting across party lines, are now ready for their states to leave the Union. This development resonates strongly with the already high levels of support for Texas independence, known as TEXIT, among Texas voters.


The University of Virginia study, which surveyed approximately 2,000 registered voters, discovered that over 40% of Trump supporters and 30% of Biden supporters are in favor of their states seceding from the United States. This is not a marginal or fringe opinion; it’s a considerable portion of the American electorate. The data indicates a turning point in federal sentiment, suggesting that the idea of state secession is becoming a mainstream discussion.

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