The Week That Was: The Crazy Among Us, The Evil That Stuns Us, and Political Fungus

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Another GOP Debate in the can, and it pretty much rendered bupkis. We found out nothing new, and candidates that should have been long gone are still around, like dead weight. But I would not have part of my career if not for all this, so I dutifully gave my prognostications and takes, as well as watched the debate and commented along with my pundit colleagues. This third one was better managed than the last two, but still lackluster in terms of the moderators asking substantial questions that mattered to actual Republicans. The fourth GOP debate will be held in Alabama, so, The Girl may well be in residence for that one.

Stay tuned…

The rest of the week was deep diving into secession and why New Hampshire has joined the handful of states who are seriously considering divesting themselves from this not-so-perfect union. The weekend Op-Ed comments on a tragic life, but the Friday Feel-Good is the perfect palate cleanser.

The vagaries of life and liberty delineate this Week That Was.

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