Tom Woods on Rep. Thomas Massie and a dopey neocon

Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

Tom Woods’ ( email says it all about the warmongers in America. Reprinted with his permission.

Our old friend Ron Paul had a consistent policy on foreign aid: no way, no how.

So does our friend (and, like Ron Paul, repeat Tom Woods Show guest) Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY).

However, having principles is now “anti-Semitic,” according to John Podhoretz, who inherited the editorship of Commentary magazine from his more accomplished father, Norman.

Until 2024 I don’t think I’d ever so much as mentioned John Podhoretz, and here we are only in February and he’s already come up twice.

Here’s what Rep. Massie recently said:

The Speaker just announced that next week the House will vote on a clean bill to send Israel $14.3 billion.

Israel has a lower debt-to-GDP ratio than the United States. This spending package has no offsets, so it will increase our debt by $14.3 billion plus interest.

I’m a No.

Massie then added:

Most of this money will go directly to the U.S. Military Industrial Complex (MIC), which, if you’re keeping up, prefers to be referred to as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) now. Watch for those stocks to go up Monday.

One clarification: the bill will spend over $17 billion, but some goes to replace weapons we’ve given to Israel, and some goes for other random costs in the Middle East. In addition to this $17+ billion bill, we will probably give them the customary $3+ billion in the omnibus!

Here is the intellectually stimulating response from Podhoretz:

Of course you’re a no, you disingenuous piece of anti-Semitic filth.

Massie’s reply:

So now if I don’t vote for massive foreign aid that goes primarily to the military industrial complex, I’m anti-Semitic filth?

Your unfounded slurs will not change my vote because America is broke and my constituents can afford no more.

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How about that! Someone with a backbone!

All the bad guys want Massie out, which is usually ironclad proof that someone is a good guy.

(A quick parenthetical: I received a surprising amount of pushback against the answer to our probability problem. The answer is two-thirds. There is no debate possible, I’m afraid. But if you don’t believe me, just run the experiment. Make those cards and do it. You will see very quickly that red is the color on the other side 2/3 of the time. If it comes up one-half, then you may write to tell me I’m an idiot. Not until then.)

And really, you have to stand up to a John Podhoretz. If you don’t pay the expenses of a foreign country, I’ll demonize you, is not the way a normal person’s brain works.

The unfortunate truth is this: there are very few Ron Pauls and Thomas Massies, people who are willing to take unpopular stances and just don’t care what is said about them.

Maybe someday a Ron Paul 2.0 will become president and abolish everything.

But what if that never happens?

Perhaps in the meantime we might think about how to build a decent world for ourselves and our kids, regardless of what happens in politics.

I don’t know anyone who’s thought more about this than my friend of 17 years, fellow Ron Paulian John Bush. This is essentially all he thinks about.

Let’s all meet online for a frank discussion of some promising approaches.

I have five daughters, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to try everything there is to try. Reserve your spot and I’ll see you soon:

Tom Woods

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Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

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