Two schmucks-the political elites are the gift that keeps giving-and one mensch

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The other day on his 6pm (ET) Special Report show Fox host Bret Baier interviewed Sen. Richard “I served in Vietnam” Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Lindsay “I love all war” Graham (R-SC).  They appeared jointly on the Common Ground segment, which purports to highlight congressional “bipartisanship” on issues facing the country.  They both are unapologetic supporters of US military aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.  In short, he is a liar, which is a common trait among many members of Congress.  If he was willing to lie about his military service, what would he not lie about? 

Graham never has seen a conflict overseas that he has not supported with US taxpayers’ money and military equipment.  He is one of the Senate’s chief warmongers. 

For their egregious support of the military-industrial complex and endless wars, they richly deserve to jointly share February’s Schmuck of the Month. 

It gives me great pleasure to award the Mensch of the Month to talk show host Perry Atkinson.  Perry hosts Focus Today on TheDove, based in Medford, OR.  I have been a guest numerous times to discuss the economy and other issues.   

On Tuesday we discussed the constitutional crisis we face, which no one in Washington is concerned about. In other words, the Democrats and Republicans are on the same page, the welfare-warfare state must not be abolished.  The interview was based on the talk I gave to the Lee County Republican Assembly a day earlier. 

For his generous invitations to appear on his show and his concern about the future of America, Perry is February’s Mensch of the Month. 


Sidenote:  After I watched Blumenthal and Graham spew war propaganda on Bret Baier’s show I sent him the following email.  I have not heard back.

Fox News touts itself as “fair and balanced.”  Yet, I have not seen any critics of US foreign policy on your 6pm show.  All I see is warmongers from both major political parties whooping it up for more aid to Ukraine and Israel.  To live up to its tag line, Fox needs to have long-time critics of the military industrial complex and the interventionist policies who have made cogent analyses of endless wars.


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