Trump/RFK Jr.: The Dream 2024 Ticket?

Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

Donald Trump will be the GOP presidential candidate in November unless some unforeseen event(s) occurs that would bump him off the ticket.  Since Trump’s near sweep of the primaries on Super Tuesday the pundits have been speculating whom he would pick to be his VP choice.

The “out of the box” pick IMHO is RFK Jr., who would add more umph to Trump’s campaign than any of the current crop of potential VP names.

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Trump could announce RFK Jr. would oversee health care policy and do a comprehensive review of the country’s COVID policies.  RFK Jr. could also be the Trump’s administration’s official overseeing the Department of Justice. 

In other words, RFK Jr. would be the most influential vice president in US history who could help Trump defang the Deep State and implement an American First foreign policy.

Moreover, a Trump/Kennedy administration would show that both Donald and RFK Jr. are putting aside any party concerns, and that “bipartisanship” would end the assault on the American people’s civil liberties and out of control federal spending. 

RFK Jr. could also add another voice critical of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies–the enemy of sustained prosperity and low- and middle-income families.

Trump has his base and RFK Jr. would bring his supporters on board who would want him to have a powerful voice in Donald’s adminstration so he could have a huge opportunity as VP to implement some, many, or all his initiatives.

Let’s see if Trump thinks out of the box, something he did not do in his previous administration. 


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Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

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