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    Our New Radio Show

    On Tuesday night, September 14th we begin a new era here at CONK! News. We are starting a new live, call-in radio show on called CONK! @Night (that’s pronounced “Conk at Night”), and we’ll be broadcasting it live worldwide via the InterTubes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain and 6 PM Pacific.   More

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    CONK! News Brief Link for 8/4

    Jim’s entire News Brief podcast for Wednesday, August 4th consists of a reference to this article on This megathread does an A+ job explaining why some people are "vaccine hesitant" Hey you!   More

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    Alicia Powe on The Gateway Pundit, 8/3

    Fresh off her debut on our weekend podcast, investigative journalist and our newest CONK! News Contributor ALICIA POWE has a great piece on The Gateway Pundit on that site being smeared for their coverage of the Arizona vote audit by a “fact-checking” service.   More