Nolte: The Scandals are the Least of CNN’s Problems

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If you’ve listened to our podcasts you probably know that I am both fascinated and obsessed with the world of media. And right now, I’m specifically fascinated by the complete collapse of CNN as a legitimate news organization. We talk on our shows about them being lying, shilling left-wing bastards… but apparently the public thinks that, too, as their ratings are down *NINETY PERCENT* from a year ago.

John Nolte is an esteemed columnist for Breitbart, and we are honored to carry his columns here on CONK! News. In this latest one, I could not have said any of this better myself — Jim Peters, Editor-in-Chief

Nolte: The Scandals Are the Least of CNN's Problems
CNN has a major scandal on its hands, but the scandal remains the least of CNN's problems. But let's start with those scandals…



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