From TheCollegeFix: Campus Cancel Culture Claims 650 Scalps, and Counting

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(Ed. note: This was sent to us by our CONK! News Contributor Jennifer Kabbany, editor of, regarding the database they have launched to track cancel culture on campuses nationwide.)

The campus cancel culture phenomenon has at last been quantified: 650 scalps, and counting.

That’s the number of successful cancellation campaigns at colleges and universities across America over the past 10 years.

In other words, on average there’s been a successful cancellation on campus every week for the last decade.


The College Fix this week released its Campus Cancel Culture Database to monitor, chronicle — and remember — the effect of cancel culture on higher education.

It seeks to document every example of targeting and suppression in an age of censorship, memory-holing and soft totalitarianism.

That number — 650 — represents the examples College Fix editors found and tallied as they built the database, but there are likely more examples out there, and much more to come.

Upon initial publication, the database contains more than 1,400 entries spanning from about 2013 to 2021 — about 650 successful cancellations and more than 750 attempted cancellations.

This number will increase as editors of The College Fix continue to monitor the problem and readers submit entries for suggested additions from the past and present. The interactive database serves as a vetted, crowdsourced repository to continue to track the problem.

“What we have witnessed over the last decade is nothing short of the new Red Guard enforcing its cultural revolution on American college campuses,” said Jennifer Kabbany, editor of The College Fix. “This database stands athwart the campaign to condemn, erase and rewrite our shared history.”

Click here to visit the Campus Cancel Culture Database.

Click here to read its FAQs.

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