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On Tuesday night, September 14th we begin a new era here at CONK! News. We are starting a new live, call-in radio show on called CONK! @Night (that’s pronounced “Conk at Night”), and we’ll be broadcasting it live worldwide via the InterTubes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain and 6 PM Pacific. You – that means you – can call in and talk to our host Jim Peters at 516-418-5472.

Of course, we’re a conservative news site, so we’ll be talking about the news from a conservative perspective. But it’s truly going to be “open phones”, and we’ll talk about any and all things YOU want to talk about – from Biden’s incompetence, to your alien abduction, to how much your mother-in-law hates you… anything goes here.

Then on Thursday nights, in this same time period we will run the “first look” of our flagship podcast “CONK! Weekend” – now enhanced with even more panelists. (Hank Reardon and Tim Conaway were getting tired of listening to each other….) So far we have been posting “CONK! Weekend” at 3 AM Central on Friday mornings – and that will continue. But if you want to listen to it before then, it will be available on Thursday nights on BlogTalkRadio at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central, our usual time slot.

Finally, if you miss an installment of “CONK! @Night”, we will be posting each night’s episode on our daily podcast feed the following morning, as “CONK! Last Night”. So along with “CONK! Weekend”, we will now have new podcasts up four days a week in our daily feed.

This new show usually will be hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Jim Peters, with Hank Reardon occasionally filling in. Because of this, Jim will no longer be doing his daily News Briefs – today’s was the last one. Other than our new Thursday night preview on BlogTalkRadio, “CONK! Weekend” will continue as before. We want to thank all of you for lietening, and making our podcasts a success. Onward and upward!



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